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Help: Application window too large: OK button off screen!

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    Doc Al

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    I'm trying to get some software working to automatically download podcasts to my girlfriend's PC. The problem is that the window for setting options is too big, so not all of it is accessible. In particular, the "OK" button is off the screen, so I can't save the options. D'oh! I've been unable to move it around to reach that button with my cursor. Any ideas?
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    Try just pressing enter, or tab and then enter to highlight (via guesswork) the OK button?
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    It might be that the screen resolution is too low. There is a fair amount of software that requires at least 1024x768, so if check if you are running 800x600 or 640x480. At worst it will be a hassle just to change the resolution to complete this one action and then have to change it back, at best you will find the new resolution to be a less blurry higher quality picture that is easier on the eyes in general.
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    Doc Al

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    Tried that. (And a million other keystroke combinations.) Didn't work.
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    I think Crosson is on the right track. If you're using Windows, CTRL-ALT-DEL to get the task manager and shut down the application. Then right click on the desktop to get to properties, choose the "settings" tab and set the video card to a high-resolution mode. Restart the application, set and save your options, and then set the screen resolution back to where you want it.

    You only need a high resolution display - you can set the color depth at 8-bit or whatever for this task.
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    Doc Al

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    That was it. The resolution was set too low. Thanks, Crosson! :smile:

    (And thanks, turbo.)
  8. Nov 3, 2011 #7
    there's a temporary way you can use if you really want to reach that button...

    you can change the orientation of your display.

    by the way this is for windows 7

    1. on the desktop, right click it and choose screen resolution
    2. look for the orientation drop down list.
    3. choose either portrait, landscape (flipped) or portrait (flipped) it's up to you
    this will change the orientation of your display
    4. then click keep changes

    reminder: it's quite difficult to maneuver the mouse because the orientation is changed. you can use with it for the mean time.

    5. you can now reach that button of yours. YES!
    6. if your done, just change again the orientation steps 1 to 4

    Salamat po.
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