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Help for my thesis topic

  1. Feb 19, 2007 #1
    anyone here who are familiar w/ microelectronics , maybe in Integrated Circuit design, I'm a student taking Microelectronics which most of our academic subject focus on IC design and fabrication, since it gets my interest.
    Please anyone could help me choosing a specific topics for my thesis in microelectronics, someone who have more experience or knowledgeable in this area please do help me.

    thanks in advance

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    Shouldn't you be discussing this with your academic adviser or supervising faculty member?

    None of us here knows what you should already know, what capabilities you have, or what facilities are available at your disposal. It would make very little sense to suggest something without knowing that. Besides, if you do not have a faculty member that can supervise and evaluate the project, it might not be approved. So all of this here could be moot!

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    the first thing we do is propose a specific topic to our professor so we the student must look for any topic which they will approve. so i ask for assistance who would help me for a possible topic, its just first for a topic proposal.

    thanks by the way, i guess im wrong asking for an assistance here
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