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[Help]LED light on a speaker circuit.

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    I want to create a little circuit thing. Ill explain it in a diagram below. Basically I have 1 set of speakers and 2 computers. I want to create a switch that will let me switch between which computer is playing on the speakers. Nothing complicated so far.

    However I want there to be an LED light bulb turned ON when my dekstop is playing on the speakers and OFF when my laptop is playing. I probably cant just put the LED on the sound wires, it will screw up the sound and probably fry my sound card. So I need some help doing this, maybe someone can clear it up for me.

    Here's the diagram of what I'm trying to accomplish:


    Anyway I can accomplish this without ruining the sound quality, frying my sound cards, or setting up a second circuit? I don't care too much about the strength of the LED so long as its visible, if it flickers it doesn't matter.

    Thank you.
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    I didn't look at the link you posted but why can't you just have a seperate switch pole for this LED?
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    i want it to be on only while the speakers are palying from the computer, i didnt want to make it too complex, mostly because i dont know much about this stuff
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