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HELP! on Bioreactor design.

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    I have this project my supervisor wants me to carry out and I am ina dilema. I've been searching the net for how to go about it but to no avail. Please, if you have a link that might help me know how a Bioreactor is designed, could you please post it here. I will richly appreciate this.

    NB: A bioreactor is a vessel in which is carried out a chemical process which involves organisms or biochemically active substances derived from such organisms. This process can either be aerobic or anaerobic. It is used by chemical engineers.
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    I am assuming that you have already seen this:


    Perhaps if you get a bit more specific with what you are having problems with we can get on the right track. How big? What particular things does this design have to produce?
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    Like Fred said, that is a general description. The bioreactor is a fashionable name for a fermentor. You will get better results if you search for cell, virus, bacterial fermentors. Go to websites of Bioengineering, Sartorius, Bbruan and NBS etc.
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