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Help understanding the Voltage in a circuit.

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    What is voltage in a circuit? We just started learning about electricity in my school. From what I understand; potential is potential energy per Coulomb and voltage means difference in potential. So, if you have a battery with 4 voltage and a wire connecting the poles of the battery, does that mean electrons at the negative pole will have a potential energy of 4∗q, where q is the charge of the electron? And when the electrons have reached the positive pole, all the potential energy will have been transformed?

    I have a feeling I'm not understanding this concept.
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    Hello guided one, welcome to PF :smile: !

    For someone who is just being introduced to the subject, you are doing just fine ! And you choose your formulations carefully and -- as far as I can tell -- completely correct.

    And a feeling of not completely understanding isn't all that bad. Nobody knows what an electron is, and no one has ever seen one :rolleyes: but we can describe the behaviour of electrons to an impressive degree of accuracy.
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