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Help with deciding Major

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    I just the started third year of my college and I am a econ/actuary major. But the thing is I am completely not interested in the field and its been showing through. I have a G.P.A barely above 3.1. I go to college in Georgia. I was thinking about finishing my third year here and transferring to a better college and taking Chemistry as my major.

    I am genuinely interested in the field and am absolutely sure that I can do extremely well in the classes and I want to go to graduate level then p.h.d. then research. But my question is, is it too late? Will I be not accepted into graduate schools even if I do extremely well in my chem classes, because I will have been in college for 5.5 years? Btw, tuition isnt too much of a problem because around here a semester costs about 5000 dollars, so the extra 3-4 semesters isn't too much of a problem.

    My only concern is that I wont be taken seriously later on because I took so long to graduate and didn't do **** for the first 2 years.
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    Don't fret about it, Ghost. So what if it takes you longer. You have a good reason why, because you changed majors...lots of people change tracks!

    Really, it won't matter, especially if your chemistry grades are good.

    Look at the alternative: in two years you'll be unhappily working as an actuary, always wondering, "What if?"

    You don't want that!
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    I think im going to take your advice Lisa. thx
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    man, if you are really good at CHEMISTRY and USA citizen, get a degree in COMPUTER FORENCISCS, you will work for CIA or FBI. I don't think it matters if it takes 5 years or 10 years to graduate.
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