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Help with Deciding Track/Electives?

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    I was hoping that somebody here could help me out deciding what upper division courses to pick for my next two years as an EE (currently a sophomore).

    So far I've taken:

    EE I (Circuit Analysis)
    Intro to Computer Programming
    Digital Circuits
    Signals, Systems, & Transforms

    At junior year my college allows us to split up into 2 different tracks, which are called systems and computers. There are 3 courses in each track.

    Antennas & Propagation
    Electromechanical Systems
    Communication Systems

    Software Design I
    Software Design II
    Computer Networks

    Both tracks take these courses:
    Linear Circuits
    Digital Signal Processing
    Computer Control Systems

    I've got a couple spaces for electives and really want to take Acoustics and Music (build your own speakers!) and Electronic Navigation Systems.

    I'm not going to be able to dual track (but will still get an EE degree with either track), so which do you guys think is best? I'm really interested in science related subjects like electromagnetics but dread taking communication systems because I'm doing pretty badly in my signals and systems course. Computer Networks/cyber security sounds like a very interesting field as well.

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    I need Academic Guidance

    I'm an EE and have just finished my sophomore year of college and want to know what courses I should take for the next two years. My school offers two different tracks "systems", which covers Electromagnetic/Antenna theory, Communication Systems, and Electromechanical/Power Systems. And "Computer" which has a class over C++, C#, and computer networking.

    I get 2 Engineering Electives, so I can pick at least one course from the other track but am planning on taking some more "fun" courses like Electronic navigation.

    I also get a math elective and was planning on taking linear algebra. Is it better than discrete math?

    Regardless of either track I have to take a course on Control Systems, Linear Circuits, and DSP.

    I'm just a bit worried because I really struggled with my Signals and Systems course and really want to make it as an engineer. Thanks!
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    Re: I need Academic Guidance

    Welcome to the PF.

    Have you had any programming classes or experience yet? How did you like it? That should help to determine which track you pursue.
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    Re: I need Academic Guidance

    I had an Intro to Computer Programming class my third semester. Since I was new to programming it was frustrating at times, but overall it was a decent experience.

    Am I limiting myself at all by doing one track or another? That's my main concern...
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