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Choosing subject for grad school

  1. Aug 24, 2011 #1
    hi all,

    i am a graduate student, i need to choose 1 subject from

    Broadband networks:: which is somewhat theoretical and deals with Physics of wireless and optical communications. Broadband multiplexing and switching methods. Blocking and queuing analysis. Network optimization, routing, and economics

    Embedded operating systems which has beagleboard programming projects involved as well, and deals with Investigating Linux source including: memory management, kernel synchronization and driver design topics. Designing, coding, testing, and evaluating embedded operating system software in a Linux environment..

    I am an elctrical engineering specializing in communication and signal processing; i have taken the following courses till now:: random signal theory, communication systems, digital communiations, wireless communications.

    digital systems and circuits, VLSI design, computer architecture, digital image and video processing.

    please give your opinion such that it further improves my profile and knowledge and increases my chances of getting a job.

    thank you
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    The question is not our opinions, the question is what is your opinion!!!

    Which one interest you more? Don't study because it is a better field, more jobs. Study the one you like more. Ask yourself what make you tick!!!
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    actually both of them interest me......but i can choose only 1.....!!....

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    I'll take the first one because I like physics, more theory. Goes in line with what you already took. More on the broad band communication.
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    thank you:)
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