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Hemp industry in the USA

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    Why is USA opposed to growing industrial type of hemp? from what I know hemp fibres are very durable and can be used in all sort of things( paper, linens etc.)
    Oil from hemp can replace in some way fossil fuels,hemp is also very cheap to grow, can grow in worst types of soil and does not require fertilizers to grow.
    Hemp is simply universal plant.
    Not long ago (WW2 ) USA grew large quantities of hemp for almost every imaginable use,but now it seems hemp is enemy # 2 after OBL.
    I understand there is connection with marijuana here, but hemp has minuscule amount of THC in it. So what gives? :confused:
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    I love this topic :smile:

    2 words for you: corporate profits

    hemp is the ideal substance to replace the lumber, cotton and oil industries. also, if you legalize hemp, then the legalization of marijuana is on its way, and the drug companies wouldn't like that dipping into their profits either. my suggestion? buy as much hemp products as possible, get your friends and family to buy. it's little more expensive yes, but with a higher demand, the price will come down and the supply will go up and the acceptance of it with definitely increase.
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    Chi Meson

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    I live in a state that used to depend on hemp for most of its revenue (Connecticut, 17th & 18th C). There was no substitute for hemp for making rope between the settlement of the colonies and WWI .

    It is interesting that the variation of cannabis as used for hemp is very different than that used for the drug. Good hemp makes bad dope. Good dope makes bad hemp. Sort of like turpentine and telephone poles: both are made from larches, but does that make them the same thing? hardly.

    I agree with Kerrie: don't smoke it, wear it.
    Find it here:

    Oops. Well they don't have as much hemp clothes as they used to, but there are some nice hemp toys for the little ones. Um, and a hemp shower curtain. Hey, it's a start.
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