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Homework Help: Heres a Hard One

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    :confused: Can someone help me please? :cry: My teacher for Math Summer Camp gave me this Problem. She never told us the answer, I would really like to know.
    What number comes next?
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    Think neopets and phone numbers (or the letters corresponding to each number on a cell phone ;)


    Google is your friend. Got a hit right away.
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    thaank you very much
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    But can you just tell me the answer
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    2= A or B or C
    3=D or E or F
    4=G or H or I
    5=J or K or L
    6=M or N or O
    7=P or Q or R or S
    8=T or U or V
    9=W or X or Y or Z

    Change the numbers for the letters. 2 can be A, B or C and so on. The number corresponds to the neopets. Find the neopet that is not listed there and do the proccess backwards to find the number.
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    It's against forum rules to do that.

    Honestly, I find it extremely bizarre that a math teacher will ask a question that tests zero math ability, but requires knowledge of some obscure things called neopets and the lightningbolt it takes to do the correct keypad conversion.

    PS : Seeing as how at least one recent thread by you also involved a "neopets" riddle, I suspect this is yet another.

    Please don't try to pass of these "neopets" riddles as genuine school math problems. People end up wasting their time on them when they could instead be helping folks with genuine learning hiccups.

    If you did get this from your summer camp math teacher, ignore the above bit but be mindful of the forum guidelines. We can't help you unless you show some effort on your own part first.
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    i agree google is your friend highlighted in number 2 under spoiler
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    P.S. whoever knows neopets are gay
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