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I Hermitian operators

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    In the dirac equation we have a term which is proportional to [tex] \alpha p [/tex]. In the book they say that
    [tex] \alpha [/tex] must be an hermitian operator in order for the Hamiltonian to be hermitian.

    As I understand, we require this because we want [tex] (\alpha p)^\dagger = \alpha p[/tex].

    But [tex] (\alpha p)^\dagger = p^\dagger \alpha^\dagger = p \alpha [/tex], and so the order of the operators still change.

    So if we just require both operators to be hermitian their product will still change if we take the hermitian conjugate.
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    ##p## acts on spatial part whereas ##\alpha## on spin part so the two operators commute.
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    ok, thanks!
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