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HF HV to LF?

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    HF HV to LF???

    I wanted to say that I have searched the site and it is very imformative, glad to be apart of it.

    That being said I had a question, what means would you use to convert high frequency currents to that of line current(60hz)?? I have searched and searched on google and have not found a answer to what seems like a simple question. Thanks ahead of time and any advice on what is usually used for this purpose.
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    Re: HF HV to LF???

    Why would you want to do that?

    What power are we talking about? What HF frequency?

    Basically you have to convert to DC and then AC at 60 Hz.. I don't think there is an easy direct way.

    There are AC - DC -AC (same frequency but not locked in phase) high power conversion systems in the World like the UK-France Interconnector.

    There may be AC(50) - AC(60) conversion systems in the World ,,cross border inport/export of power and in countries like Japan which use both frequencies but I suspect those are also AC-DC(rough)-AC. They use IGBT devices.
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