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Hi, hello

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    Just like to introduce myself and hopefully explain my reason for being here and areas I'd like to explore.

    Since my younger years my father had an interest in the universe and the unexplained and although his explanations were basic and sometimes confusing as time has progressed I'm finding, all those years ago those few conversations we had and probably all fathers have with their sons are now relevant...It is as though a generation of people have grown up...a generation of people all who have been told the same story of that time and that story through science and technology can now be explained and theories explored.

    Of course there's probably a theory behind that, one that explains the evolution of intelligence or the evolution of creation and I've found that all these ideas are based around the same rule of thumb..none of them overly complicated and yet at the same time very complex...

    Lately I'm finding I am drawn to as I am sure countless other people are, the universe and its creation and the various principles and theories behind this phenomenon...

    A story my father once told me, in fact it was more of an example:

    Polishing a coin one night, he told me..You could polish that coin until it shines and you could keep going and if you did there will be nothing left...!

    Looking back I can see the value of his wisdom and how today, we all want to understand...

    So thats a bit about myself, thanks for having me onboard and hope to meet on the forum...!!
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    Welcome to the PF. I think you will find the forums a great place to learn. :smile:
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