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Hi my is michael how do you build a electromaget generator

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    hi my name

    is michael how do you build a electromaget generator for a high school project .
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    jim hardy

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    You might do as well to get, disassemble, clean up and re-assemble an old car generator. Junkyards are full of them, i pay $0..30 a pound so they run between five and ten bucks.

    So much the better if you can get the electromechanical voltage regulator that goes with it.
    Nothing gives you that "feel" for DC machines like adjusting the regulator's air gaps and spring tension to give proper operation, then watching(and feeling) them dance as they do their job.. You can push or pull gently on the springs while observing effect on volt and amp meters.

    http://www.stinsonclub.org/PublicTech/YahooGroup/DC generator theory.pdf

    http://42fordgpw.com/voltage.html [Broken]


    Mount them on a board with a washing machine motor to drive it and you'll have a thirty-amp battery charger for the rest of your life.

    That third link is something i've looked for for decades. Thanks for your question.
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