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Hi there friends

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    I hope you guys still remember me. I do miss you, and of course I miss PF as well. :shy: Also wanna say hi to those who don't know me. :smile:

    Just a brief introduction of myself. I'm a rather old member here but have left here for about a year, and now I'm back! :surprised Why have I left? A long story. :rolleyes:

    I'm now a first year university student. Mathematics and physics have been my favourite subjects, and they are still my favourites now. But then I decided to study something else that it is totally different from maths/physics. I don't need to do calculus, algebra, geometry, mechanics anymore, but I really miss doing maths. There were times when I doubt if I've chosen the right subject to study. My heart ached everytime when I logged on to PF because of all the struggles in my mind. That's one of the reasons why I quitted PF at that time. In the 2nd semester, I started to get used to studying medicine, and life became easier since then. And then I think actually it's quite fun studying medicine.

    It's quite interesting to dissect cadaver, learn clinical skills and do animal experiments. :wink:

    Now, a year has gone and I survive! Phew! I passed all the exams this year! :blushing: The final exams ended at the end of May. Then I attatched to cardiology department for two weeks and am now doing microbiology research for summer attatchment. After microbiology attatchment, I may do another attatchment in surgical department. Probably I'll ask a pathologist to let me watch a live autopsy(I've only watched a video-taped one) before the new semester starts. :smile:

    I still have four years to go before you can call me Dr. Kam. :tongue2:

    I travelled to Thailand with friends a few weeks ago and that was a nice trip. I tried to fly an ultralight aircraft in a flying club there and nearly lost control at about 6000 feet. Luckily there's a licensed pilot besides me and he saved his life by taking control of the plane immediately. :biggrin:

    I hope you guys are doing well. o:) Have a nice day!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hi KL! Its great to hear that you're happy with the change and doing well.

    :surprised :surprised :surprised
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    It's quite interesting to dissect cadaver, learn clinical skills and do animal experiments. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
    Hi Doc Franki, Are you sure about this doctor thing :biggrin:
    I am not sure wether to cringe or clap :uhh: But i guess you must be almost
    nice if you like PF, it must have been a big leap from math to, to, to, what
    you do :confused: but the need of the one is less than the few, so good
    luck, i think :confused:
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    Welcome back KLscilevothma!!!

    That's great that you've gone into medicine!! It sounds like you will do well. :smile:
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    I find it interesting that you country, apparently, has a 4 year program which makes you a medical doctor. In the US you must complete a 4 year Undergrad degree (in nearly any field) before you apply to med school. Med school is yet another 4-6 year program, only then can you call yourself a medical doctor.
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