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Higgs Boson

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    In recent experiment about higgs boson, scientists use niobium. Why did they choose it then? Could the reason be the easiness of picking [or something like that, i don't know the exact word for it (:] electron?
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    What experiments are you referring to ?

    What exactly is the role of this niobium ???

    Please, try to be more specific...

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    Could it be that you're talking about the superconducting cavities of the LHC accelator which are made out of niobium ?

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    Salut Partick ! LHC are not the only one to use niobium cavities ! But then of course, for the Higgs it certainly is LHC, and what else could niobium do here ?!
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    What is niobium and what type of properties does it possess?
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    Niobium is a shiny-white, soft, metallic chemical element; its symbol is Nb. The name of the element is derived from the Greek mythological Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus.
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