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High ouput power voltage using half bridge resonant

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    Im doing a project based on half bridge converter of IR2153 which could produce a high output voltage using the LTspice simulation by means of half bridge topology. Well, im just wondering as the volatge across the two capacitors that is pointed in the image shown wasnt give half the volatge source as stated in the theory of half bridge voltage source inverter. Can someone point me out and explain why the volatge across these two capacitor was not Vs/2? Does it something to do with some interference produced by the transformer in the cicuit? Thanks in advance.

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    Trace what happens as M1 and M2 are alternately switched on / off. ALL of the current for the transformer comes from where?
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    The diagram below shows the voltage measured from the gate of M1 and M2. The blue graph and the green graph is the voltage in M1 and M2 respectively. The current supplied is basically comes from the main supply which is translated to DC voltage by means of capacitor and resistor connected labelled C1 and R1 from my understanding. Correct me if im wrong.

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    Sorry I think you misunderstood.... in the 1st post - follow the circuit and think about what happens to the caps - as the MOSFETs are turned on and off?
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    I am bit confused at the moment. what do you mean by the caps?
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    Back from Travels... But your OP queries "explain why the volatge across these two capacitor was not Vs/2"

    What happens to these - when the MOSFETS turn on and off.
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