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High Temperature Superconductors

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    Hello, frineds

    I have a question

    How is it possible to get High Temperature Supercondactor produced by laser radiation?

    Maybe we can irradiate a target and the producing plasma will serrle down substrate

    Do you have an idea?
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    I don't understand the question.
    Are you refering to pulsed laser deposition of high-Tc superconductors?
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    I want to observe an energy spectrum of high-Tc superconductors using mass spectrometer. If it is possible what parametrs of the setup required?
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    This is getting utterly puzzling. You want to observe "an energy spectrum" of HTS ".. using a mass spectrometer"???????

    How is this related to your first post?

    May I suggest that you be a bit more verbose in your question here, because the very short posts that you have made so far have been very confusing.

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