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Hot areas in EE

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    What are the hot areas in EE right now? By "hot", I mean the areas with the most job growth, the most prospect for development, the most needs and the most questions to be answered.

    (Analog devices? Digital design paradigms? Signal Processing? Meta-materials? Optical Networks?... Nonlinear optics?....)
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    So much of the industry has gone out of country. There are plenty of run of the mill engineers in China and India. Simply being a design engineer is more difficult than it once was. RF, mixed signal chip design, anything that supports weapons development is currently hot.
    Then, there's the less exotic, but much more common jobs of electrical power distribution, load projects, etc. I'm looking forward to the near future when nuclear power will come back around. I'd love for my kid to get into such a stable career.
    And if it's boring, get you a hobby at home...
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    Green power is a very growth-oriented industry right now.
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    Extremely high demand on electrical storage devices, transmission technology and electricity generation.
    power, power, oh, and power...
    photovoltaic research has high potential, but breakthroughs are still needed. look into this one.
    Graphene based technology has accrued massive interest in the scientific world. See the recent Nobel Prize on graphene. Wiki or Google Graphene for more information.

    According to http://www.int.washington.edu/REU/2008/Presentations/Friedline.pdf graphene is one of the most expensive materials on the planet at ~1,000 USD for the size of the cross section of a human hair. Big bucks to make here given advancements and ingenuity.

    Good luck

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    Mixed signal ASICs, RF ASICs.
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