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I Hot liquid mixed with a cold liquid

  1. Mar 9, 2016 #1
    My textbook says - When a hot liquid is mixed with a cold liquid, the temperature of the mixture -
    "is undefined for some time and then becomes nearly constant".
    Shouldn't the temperature first decrease and then become constant ? Why does it say "undefined" ?
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    The mixing process takes some time during which a temperature reading can give 'anything' between Thot and Tcold. So it's not completely undefined.

    Your perspective is apparently from the hot liquid ? Because for the cold liquid the temperature increases and then becomes constant !
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    I haven't really come across this fact that the mixing process takes time. Will you please elaborate on this one?
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    If you have ever baked a cake, you will know that mixing is one of the steps. That step is not instantaneous.
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