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Bug Hour change

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    More amusing than annoying, and definitely minor.

    Tonight the clocks change, in the UK at least. I'm awake at 1.45am for some reason. According to my alerts, this post
    came in at 12.51am today. Some forty minutes later I have another alert for this post https://www.physicsforums.com/posts/5606922/
    which is dated Oct 30, 2016. Which is today, by any other name.

    So at the top of my latest alert page it says Oct 30th, then there's a link to a post. Then it says Today, then there are links to half a dozen posts. Then it says Yesterday, then more links.
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    haha more reason to end daylight savings!
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    I would prefer daylight saving time the whole year. But I guess minor timing upsets for two hours per year are not the most critical issue.
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    Definitely minor - presumably most people will be asleep when it triggers anyway. I just found it an amusing bug. :wink:
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