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How are electron position measurement experiments measured out?

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    Im interested in knowing what kind of sensors are used and it's overall execution, thanks.
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    Do you have any specific experiment/application in mind?
    High-energetic electrons can be tracked with tracking detectors, usually silicon detectors which can observe all charged particles. Gas detectors are possible, too (Ions+lowe-energy electrons are produced and drift to some electrodes, where they get detected). After passing tracking stations, they usually hit an electromagnetic calorimeter, where they produce an electromagnetic shower, which is detected by the emitted light in scintillators - sometimes other methods are used, too.

    Usually, the basic concept of position measurements is to have several different channels in different places, and to measure which channels are hit. Sometimes, the precise time of the signal can be used to determine the position, too, if you know the time when the electron passed the detector and the signal propagation speed.
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    electrons make a glowing spot when they hit a fluorescent screen like in a cathode ray oscilloscope.
    geiger counter detect beta radiation which is electrons.
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