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How can I find 4 channel oscilloscope in multisim 11

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    Hi, how can I find 4 channel oscilloscope in multisim 11.0? or how can I add 4 channel oscilloscope to multisim?
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    It depends on which suite you have installed. If you have the 'base' or 'full' suite, then your are limited to a 2 channel oscilloscope. For a 4 channel oscilloscope, you must have the 'pro power' suite. Check the following link from National Instruments to compare between the different Multisim suites:


    I would recommend using PSpice if you are in real hurry. You can display as many waveforms as you like in simulation.
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    Is there any options to have 4 channel oscilloscope?
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    No, there's no a formal way to have a 4 channel oscilloscope other than in the 'pro power' suite. If you can substitute Multisim, then use LTSpice IV. It's free and capable of displaying as many waveforms as you like. Get it from the link:

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    thanks for replies :)
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