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How can I interface a DFIG in a multi machine environment?

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    Which will be my reference frame while modelling and control - the reference machine in the network or the network bus itself?And if so how do i relate the dfig to this reference frame?
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    By DFIG, do you mean doubly-fed induction generator, as in a wind generator?

    Modeling can usually succeed with any choice of reference. However, choosing the network bus to be an infinite bus (voltage magnitude=100%, and phase angle=0), is both useful and often simplest.
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    Thanks for your reply. But Instead of a single machine infinite bus,I needed to connect a dfig in a wind farm which already consists of synchronous generators and a few dfig's. So the synchronous machines will have a zero phase angle with the network bus but the dfig must have some phase difference with the bus due to the slip, isn't it? If yes, how do I find that angle via modeling?
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    It would probably be wise to design the control ls as if it was supplying an infinite bus, then check the performance against the actual system. A control scheme which must change any time something in the neighborhood changes, is not very good. You want controls which work well within a reasonable range of nearby connected devices. Performance against an infinite bus is a good way to approach that.

    Your question was about the reference. All phase angles are relative. No matter which point you choose as reference, the relative angles are the same.

    Good luck
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    Thank you so much :)
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