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How can i make a simple and practical particle accelerator.

  1. May 3, 2014 #1
    Hallo everyone! I would like to make a small and simple particle accelerator that a) looks good and b) works. So if you could guys help me i would apriciate it alot!

    Thanks in advance.
    Christos Papanikolaou
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    Just buy a CRT tube and play with it (it IS an accelerator!). Beyond that, you do not have the expertise, capability, knowledge, and financial resources to build a "particle accelerator".

    If you do a search in the Classical Physics forum for "accelerator", you will encounter numerous threads already on this exact topic. Most of these, if not all, ended up being locked because the OP had grandiose ideas of building something complicated without realizing how dangerous it can be.

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    For what it is worth,

    Here is a simple and cheap way to make a particle accelerator. It satisfies condition b) and depending upon how dapper of a guy you are condition a) can also be satisfied.
    On a dry day, walk on a carpet, and go touch a doorknob. Voila! A simple particle accelerator.
    While you might think this is ( not hilarious ) , here are some technological uses for this type of physics:

    Another method to experiment with a particle accelerator is to go out and buy an electric welder and learn how to weld. When welding you will using a low voltage, high current particle accelerator that has the ability to melt metal, ionize the air, produce ultraviolet rays,...

    Particle accelerators are commonplace in our technology, and not all of them are as sophisticated as CERN, nor are all of the type designated as Atom Smashers.
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