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How do I accept another for private messaging?

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    My friend is unable to send messages, other than they cannot send a message!
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    I can't decipher what you're asking.
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    I want to accept private messages from another user.
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    That's simple - just get the other user to send you a PM.

    I suspect that what you're really asking is whether you can accept private messages on behalf of another user. Or in other words, that PMs sent to someone else would go to you. If that's it, I doubt that you can, since it defeats the idea of a private message.

    The only way I can see that this would work is if you logged in using the credentials (user name, password) of that other user.
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    Go to "My PF" and then "Edit options" and check the options there. You might have turned off private messages.
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    Thank you. I'll see if it works.
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    Seems like the private messages are getting through now?
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