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How do I convert gph to psi?

  1. Aug 16, 2010 #1
    How do I convert gph to psi?....

    Here is the deal, we are testing a 24" pipe for leaks doing a pressure test. the pressure at the pipe in question is 185 psi, and it lost 4 psi. I have a chart showing the allowable loss in GPH, but I dont know how to convert to PSI. Since this was a test, the pipe was plugged on both ends, therefore there was no flow.

    Any help appreciated....
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    Re: How do I convert gph to psi?....

    How long did it take to lose 4psi?
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    Re: How do I convert gph to psi?....

    You also need the pipe volume.
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    Re: How do I convert gph to psi?....

    That should answer your question. You can have pressure without flow, so how can they be related?
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