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i have a home-made high voltage power supply which produces an arc of about 1 inch long maximum, which i assume is about 20KV, how can i generate nitrous oxide with this spark?
will you give me more information about what chemicals/gases are produced from an arc, and what the percentages and concentrations are, and just general information, as i cannot find any info on the net?

please help me!

thanks in advance, alf.


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An electrical arc through air may produce some N2O, but it will also produce plenty of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, some higher nitrogen oxides and lots of ozone. All of which are very toxic compounds, which is why you should never have an electrical arc in a non-ventilated space. Anyway, that's would be ridiculously inefficient way to produce nitrous oxide, and almost all proper methods of producing it (which I don't intend to name) are hazardous, since they usually/potentially produce other nitrogen oxides as well.

I'm not going to provide how-to details on the potentially dangerous production methods of a narcotic gas. Besides being clearly against forum rules, if you're ill-informed enough to to think an arc discharge would be a useful synthesis method, it would be extremely irresponsible.


Thank you alxm, well said. Thread is closed.

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