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How do i get avatar

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    I cant find where i go to add avatar :uhh:
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    You need to upgrade to contributorship to get an avatar (see the upgrade link above if you're interested in doing so), or stick around long enough and provide enough consistently accurate, thoughtful responses in the main forums or HW help forums for us to award you with a science advisor or HW helper medal.
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    With a username like that, I dont even want to start thinking about what type of avatar you would use :bugeye:
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    was this account deleted because of its nickname? it seems here was its only post.

    (http://www.mightywombat.com/toons/numbers.gif [Broken])
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    haha love that comic

    i guess his username referenced a 'forbidden area' of PF conversation
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    No, they had other posts which were deleted and they were banned. I didn't do it, so not sure what got them banned.
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