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How do I go to Moon and Mars?

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    Based on my title, I have the following questions:

    1) What are all the challenges for man to go on the moon?

    2) What are all the challenges for man to go on the Mars planet?

    I am mostly interested in what speed, what direction the shuttle is launched at? How much fuel is used in this? What velocity is it travelling at various point of the journey? How does it actually land on the moon and mars?
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    That's an extremely broad question. You could start by reading the Wik entry on the Apollo program, then come back with specific questions...
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    The answer dependent on the purpose of the mission - short stay like Apollo or beginning a long term occupied base, which requires considerable resources. A lunar and Martian base will require oxygen, water and energy.

    How many people?

    Also, a shuttle will not do. The Shuttle is for near earth orbit.

    For Moon and Mars, NASA is developing the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), which is a larger variant of the Apollo capsule. That will be supplemented with a cargo vehicle, and both will use a Shuttle-derived booster system.

    For Mars, I'd add a Skylab/ISS type of Mars Orbital Station to supplement a surface facility. Putting large objects on Mars (and even the Moon) will be challenging.
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