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How do you calculate the moment of a spinning wheel

  1. Oct 1, 2016 #1
    What is the moment of the wheel.

    r= 1 m
    h= 5 cm
    m= 1000kg
    a = 4120 rad/s2

    I used the formula T = I * a

    The moment of inertia can be calculate by Iz =(1/2)mr2or Ix=Iy= (m/12)* 3r2 +h2)

    wich one do i need to use?
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    If you are trying to determine the torque, T, then the choice of moment of inertia, I, depends on the axis of rotation. Iz = mr2/2 is the one you would use if the wheel was in regular use, like on a car.
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