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How do you deal with the feeling of not wanting to study?

  1. Jun 28, 2015 #1
    As a student, I get those days when I don't feel like sitting down to do my homework or assignments willingly. However, I end up forcing myself to sit down to complete them. This leads me to getting wrong answer and makes me more frustrated.

    What have you done when you felt like this?

    Thank you.
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    You study anyway.
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    I think just about everyone has those days. You're never going to be completely motivated to do EVERYTHING that you have to do.

    That's where self-discipline comes in. Over time, making homework and study part of your regular routine will make it easier.

    Also, if you find that the lack of motivation comes too often, it might be time to re-assess whether you really want to be doing what you're doing.
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    That was years ago.

    However to get motivated , I like to go for a short 20 minute run. Doing something physical has always helped my overall mood. Energizes me and gets me out of a 'how hum' listless feeling. This is especially the case on a lazy weekend.

    It's been said often but the better we feel physically, the better other parts of our lives.

    Anyways, good to break the pattern of just staring at your computer or some book. Refresh your body and brain then your homework or study may not be quite the chore.
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    It depends. There are times that I don't want to study too. A lot of the time I just study anyway. Life is full of deadlines, and sometimes we simply have to do things now or else they'll never get done. Sometimes all I need is a 20-30 minute break to go take a walk, have a coffee break, check Facebook, etc. Oftentimes this short break helps me clear my head and get back to it with more focus.

    Other times I don't feel like studying and I just take the night off. Note that this often isn't a good idea though. If I don't have any assignments due or any immediately pending exams, then it may not be an issue. But if I have an exam the next morning, taking the night off likely isn't a very good idea.
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