How do you fix 3 ring binders

  1. This is a stupid question but how? I have a "halve ring" slightly above the other "halve ring".

    This happens all the time with my binders. Somehow one of my binders got fixed? So it should be possible to fix manually.
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  3. i used to just hook plyers to mine and then pull on the rings till they went back in place. sometimes it worked, sometimes i ruined my binders... i have no idea what an efficient way to fix a binder might be though...
  4. this used to happen to me also. the solution: don't bend them. when you need to open the rings, pluck the ends.. don't pull apart the rings.
  5. JamesU

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    I threw mine away and got a new one for $5 at target
  6. Pengwuino

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    Get a new one for $2 at office depot :P

    I go tsick of tryen to fix them a long time ago.
  7. JamesU

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    Just spend the money on a good one the first time, then you don;t have to exchange them every few weeks.
  8. Astronuc

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    I usually manually bend the ring in or out as the case may be.

    Otherwise, I pitch the binder.
  9. chroot

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    Quality binders don't suffer this problem.

    - Warren
  10. Pengwuino

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    Yah I bought this nice expensive on last year and nothing goes wrong.
  11. I have one of those binders from five-star its all good except the rings. I don't get ring problems with the 2$ kinds but the "protective-layer" rips and needs tape to fix, and eventually rips so much that tape won't help anymore(approx 10months of use).

    Maby I should go for folders, no wholes, just throw the paper in :D(kidding)
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