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How do you pronounce it?

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    Tanzania. according to the documentary I'm watching it is pronounced: Tan-ZANY-uh. I thought it was more Tan-zah-NEE-uh.
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    Of course, the correct answer is how they say it. Not you, me, or the announcer.
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    Who cares how they pronounce it. they are a third world country. What counts is how I pronounce it. do they even know what the interweb is?

    Edit: Just kidding, don't ban me.
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    tan-ZAN ee uh

    I bet the person pronouncing it that was is German or of german descent in Africa.
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    It's pronounced tan za ni a.
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    Pronounce something wrong and all kinds of havoc may result. To wit,
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    ... or just American.
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    How do the bushpeople pronounce 'Botswana'?

    Something like this...?

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    because my mother language can not
    pronounce "z". the "z" is changed to "j"
    and syllables are definitely divided.


    syllable is one to one correspondece to one character.
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