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How does a gas stove work?

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    In a stove powered by natural gas, how does the chemical energy in natural gas get converted into heat energy (or thermal energy) to heat the stove? What is the name of the part or parts of a stove that convert the chemical energy to heat energy?
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    are you serious? why are you asking this question... it is a very simple process

    the gas comes out of the holes in the burner, and there it is ignited.
    the stove is provided with a burner, which spreads the area of the gas coming to it.
    this burner gets a stream of gas through a nozzle connected to the regulator switch, who's quantity can be controlled by the user, using the regulating knob.
    the gas reaches this knob through a metal tube,
    which is connected to the gas cylinder through an other regulator.

    natural gas is flamable... so add a spark and there you go...
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    No; I'm not serious. This question is part of a test screen for a comedy routine that I'm working on. Fifty people are going to view this question and the responses to this question (and many other of my questions and comments) and tell me how funny it is.

    Burner--so that's the name of the gadget that ignites the gas...
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