How does an electric field create a magnetic field and relativity

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    How does an electric field create a magnetic field. If we move at the same speed in the direction of the electric field would we see a magnetic field. Would we still see it because it is perpendicular but we would see the electric field not moving so not sure.

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  3. The electric field does not "create" the magnetic field. Nor does the magnetic field, H, create the electric field, E. Under time-varying conditions, E & H cannot exist independently. Wherever there be one, so there be the other. There is no pecking order.

    In his 1905 paper "On The Electrodynamics Of Moving Bodies", Albert Einstein stated that neither E nor H is the "seat". "Seat" means "root, basis, primary, main, fundamental, canonical." etc. To this day that position has been affirmed.

    If you search my post history, I did upload the paper some time ago. Read it and maybe AE himself can answer your question. When it comes to relativity, he is the horse's mouth.

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