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How does an electronic speed controller work?

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    i know what it's supposed to do but what are it's electric components for an AC motor?
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    Speed controllers for AC drives such as soft starters or VFD. Utilize whats referred to as pulse width modulation. PWM for short.
    Here is a starting place for you. Keep in mind their are different circuits that can generate PWM.

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    As for what are the components - that depends on how detailed of a list you want- the quick summary I would categorize by the specific engineering efforts:
    System Control ( HMI or other "higher" level interface)
    Real Time Control ( PWM Generation)
    Drivers - Sensors and Isolation
    Power Section ( DC Link, Switches typically MOSFET or IGBT, Cooling)
    Filtering ( Basically trying to remove the PWM pulses to output an ideal sine to the motor)
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