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How does EPR and entanglement theory are related?

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    So silly question!!! but how does EPR and entanglement theory are related???
    I mean the history and its cocepts of similarities.
    Thanks in advance.
    Somy :smile:
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    No answer???!!!
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    The connection is simple: The two particles in the EPR experiment are entangled.
    If you want to learn more about entanglement, you might want to look at the thread "How do Particles become entangled? by TheDonk.
    There may be other threads dealing with EPR and entaglement here.
    You can also find information on entanglement in Wikipedia, or get a popularization (descriptive book with little math).
    If you want to get deep into it, you'll have to study a lot of math and physics.
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    Somy, if you are interested in entanglement and you want to study it thouroughly, just go to my journal. There is an entry called info on the web. Just goto the "for QIT-aficionado's"-link and you will find the course on quantum info theory by John Preskill. I strongly recommend these notes...

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    Alexepascual, Marlon, thank you very much.
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