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How does the properties of glass affect its properties?

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    How does the properties of glass affect its properties??

    i am an As level student and i need some help on my material cousework.

    1)How does the properties of glass affect its properties??
    i know that the structure of glass is amorphous, and this make it very brittle...i want to know more affect of glass' structure to its properties.

    2)what is the properties of glass-transparent, brittle, hard...etc >>Is there any measure, E.g Young's modules of glass?

    3)Why is glass transparent??...is it related to its structure or its chemical ingredient???

    thank you for helping!!!!!!!]:smile: :biggrin:
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    For the transparency part read the FAQ in this forum.
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    Claude Bile

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    This is a little circular don't you think?

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    Glass is transparent to the visible spectrum, because visible spectrum wavelength light does not reflect too much off of it, it mostly goes through. However, in many glasses UV wavelength light is absorbed and reflected.
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