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How does thermal expansion effect the diameter of a hole?

  1. May 9, 2008 #1
    How does thermal expansion effect the diameter of a hole in a sheet metall,

    When we r dealing with length it is quite easy since then it is only the propotion of change in lengt, and there r standard formulas for this ...

    But how do you do for a hole in a sheet metal who are free to expand, lets say steel and the hole r 4 mm ...

    Anyway you comments are dearly appriciated!
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    The linear expansivity relates the change in distance between two points to the change in temperature. Now, suppose you chose those two points such that the line joining them is the diameter of the hole. Can you now answer the question yourself.

    P.S. Is this homework?
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    Draw a circle on the iron with a pencil.
    What happens to the circle?
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    Thanks for your replies
    no it isn't a homework

    it expands :), so what i do is to use the diameter as L cero.

    Thank you :)
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