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How long will a lc tank circuit oscillate after power is removed?

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    If a lc resonant tank circuit is disconnected from power how do you determine the length of time it will oscillate.

    L=1 henry, 500 ohms
    Fres=22,507 hz
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    It will decay exponentially. Usually you specify the time it takes to reach a certain ratio of the maximum (usually 1/e or about 36%), since mathematically the amplitude of oscillations will never reach zero.
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    Ok, so how would I calculate that?
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    The time constant is 2Q/frequency; where Q is the quality factor of the circuit.
    In order to calculate Q you need to know the losses in the circuit; if the above values are for an ideal circuit (meaning the 500 ohms are the only dissipate losses in the circuit) them you can calculate Q from them (google Q factor)
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    Awesome, thank you.
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