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How many tangents can be drawn from a point to hyperbola?

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    y=mx+-sqrt(a2m2-b2) (which is quadratic equation)
    So there should two tangents from a point but if we draw then we can even draw four tangents.
    example; consider the hyperbola x2/16-y2/4=1 from point (2,0) i think four tangents can be drawn one to right side lobe and one two left one..
    So which is correct equation or my analysis???
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    Is this question this much tough that even after 293 views none able to reply...
    I have done some type error in my first question. So please see the question written in this post.
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    You will only have 2 tangent lines. There will not be any tangents to the left side if you start in (2,0).
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    so that is it.
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