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How much do grad schools value special programs in college?

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    Hi I am a junior in physics and I will be applying to grad schools this fall.
    I am currently in a special science program at my school which is highly regarded for the quality of its students. When I register for next year's courses, I might have to make a decision between staying in that program (and taking required classes for the program) and taking a year-long real analysis sequence. I can't do both because there is a time conflict. If I complete all the required courses for the program, I actually get a major in that program.
    My question is, how much would physics grad schools value my involvement in the program as opposed to taking real analysis in my senior year?
    Previous grads of my program have gone on to prestigious programs in all areas of science. However, I feel that real analysis is something that I can really benefit from having gone through.
    What I am also wondering is, when grad schools look at my transcript, do they pay attention to each individual courses and the course attributes? I am asking this because even if I don't stay in the program, the course attribute on my transcript will indicate that the classes I have taken are limited enrollment classes for the program members.
    Thanks for any insights you can offer!
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    Its hard to say when you don't give anything definite.
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