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How much does Xenon gas cost?

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    One company is selling 1000 liters of Xenon gas for 8000 USD.
    But other websites are stating that Xenon cost 120 USD per 100 grams.
    And Xenon weight 5 grams per liter at 101300 Kpa.
    I need to know how much 82Kg of Xenon would cost, or 50 liters at 150Kpa.
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    The price depends strongly on the purity, I think, since Xenon takes some effort to separate from Krypton.

    BTW: In addition to making lead balloons, Xenon gas is useful for parlor tricks, since breathing it has the opposite effect to breathing Helium.
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    SF6 has about the same molar mass. Wish I could get some for use in classroom demos, but the economics seem impossible unless you have a lab that's really consuming it steadily.

    Cool videos with SF6:

    Ship floating on nothing! :: Physikshow Uni Bonn --

    Mythbusters - Helium and Sulfur Hexafluoride --
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    Note: inhaling helium is much safer than inhaling heavy gases - they tend to stick in the lungs and block air access. Simplest way of removing them is to stand on your head.
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