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How red glass converts incedent light to red

  1. Apr 20, 2014 #1
    suppose the white light is incedent on a red glass. Behind the glass we see only red light and glass gets warmer.

    how exactly white light transformed to red light. Does that mean that the material of the glass absorbs all wavelengths (theoretically) except of the red region? If so what the property of the material responsible for omiting red light?

    or it is a matter of scattering of light? then why the material emits only red?

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    That's right. Red glass absorbs other wavelength letting only red through.
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    Quantum mechanics. Red light has photons with a specific energy range. To absorb a photon, the material needs transitions between different energy levels that differ by those energies. If those do not exist (or if they are rare), the light can go through.

    This is a very simplified description, of course.
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    thank you!
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