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How shunt and series resistance in a PV cell changes? Or are they stable?

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    i really need help about shunt and series resistances
    i just want to know if they are constant or variable ?
    if they are variable what make them increase or decrease?
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    As a standalone question, that's really vague. Resistors tend to be constant but they can also be variable (potentiometers). You need to specify an application / circuit diagram.
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    I'm guessing @Abdouzita103 is asking about the leakage current ("shunt resistance") and series resistance of Photovoltaic Cells.

    @Abdouzita103 -- Can you tell us what you know so far? What is your application? Is this for a schoolwork assignment?
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    good morning i'm talking about shunt and series resistances in PV cell or panel

    when i'm reading about Photovoltaic modeling i found they are variable ...How is that?
    we consider a PV cell as a source and each source has an internal resistances .

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    These are "models" - they do not physically exist in the cell. These are elements that we use to estimate the characteristics of the system for analysis, since the characteristics of the PV cell vary greatly based on light, temperature, and load - it is important to understand all of the factors are "variable".

    Just like a battery - and different types of battery chemistry behave and are modeled differently. For an alkaline battery we model with constant Voltage, and increase the series resistance as it is discharged.
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