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How to calculate indoor temperature?

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    Hello, I am trying to calculate the effect of insulation and weather conditions on a cottage. The cottage is made from a timber frame while the panels are of 4mm plywood. The weather conditions vary throughout the year between 0 and 30 Celsius. Cottage is around 25 m2 with 2.2 m height, consider as single room.

    Question 1: What is the indoor temperature range if the insulation material used has an R-2.0 ?
    Question 2: If we are to install a timber furnace, how much timber do we need to maintain the room at optimal conditions during the winter ? How long will it take to reach the optimal temperature ? (assume optimal is 25 Celsius)
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    For question 1, without providing heat to it, the temperature will lag a bit, but ultimately roughly equal outside temperature; a little cooler during the day unless there is bright sun, a little wamer at night.

    For #2: do you know what an "R-value" is? It is exactly what you need to use to find a heat flow rate given the delta-T you specified. Give a try to using it and we'll help you along.
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    R-2.0 seems very low for an insulating material. How thick would it be? I could easily run a quick 2D thermal model for you.
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    We don't know how leaky his doors, windows and walls are to air infiltration, so results may vary.
    Walking around in bare feet might be a tad uncomfortable.

    For a wood stove, check out this calculator I found.
    http://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php/articles/burn_time_calculator [Broken]
    Hopefully the author has done his stuff correctly, and the calculator makes it easy to calculate the calculation of cords of wood needed for a stay at the cottage.:rolleyes:
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