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How to calculate the angle at which a cylinder topples?

  1. Nov 30, 2014 #1
    I know the mass, length, and width of a cylinder. How do I calculate the angle at which the cylinder topples over? A quick Google search tells me that I need to find the cylinder's center of mass, which should be the actual center of the cylinder.

    This is for a personal project and not homework related. I was unable to reply to Mark44's private message so I'm stating it here.
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    What do think you should do with the center of mass? Where's it going to be to not topple, or to topple?
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    Don't know...
    Does the mass of the cylinder affect it's "toppling angle"?
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    In general, the critical angle, or the angle at which an object is about to topple is the angle between the vertical/horizontal and the line passing through the centre of mass and the edge over which the object is about to topple.
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