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Fortran How to change data from linear scale to log scale

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    I am trying to calculate and draw a relation between (IL) and the Growth rate (m).
    I have used Il as range from 10^15 to 10^18 in the calculation and when I draw the relation (x-axis ) is Il and (y-axis ) is m. I converted the IL to be in log scale.
    I noticed unacceptable output.
    So, I am going to repeat the calculation again by by using IL in log scale.
    is there any mathematical relation can be used to make this conversion for IL.
    Thank you
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    IL: Laser intensity ranging from 10^15 to 10^18.
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    As I understand it, you have a data set of unknown origin which is a collection of ordered pairs: (IL, m). You have plotted this (a scatter graph?) and obtained a plot that is "unacceptable" for some reason.

    You now want to re-scale the x axis on a log scale and you want to know a mathematical operation that can take an unscaled value for IL and convert it to a scaled value. So, for instance, 10^15 is represented as 15 and 10^18 is represented as 18.

    What operations have you considered so far?
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    [I've put some of your words in boldface for emphasis.]
    But you already converted IL to log scale? I think you should clarify this.
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