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How to choose an amplifier to couple the noise into data line

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    I have to couple the noise into a communication cable for analyzing the performance of the communication. I am using a function generator which will generate a white noise of 1-2V(rms) and I have a current transformer to couple this to the communication line. The current transformer has a 12ohm. I am getting only this 1-2v only coupled to the line. So I need to chose a amplifier where I should atleast couple 20V to the cable. I was using 30W amplifier which gave me ~15V. Can I use a 100W power amplifier to achieve this? Please tell what are the parameters should I taken care to choose the right amplifier.
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    Nikhil N. If you cannot finish an old thread then you don't need to start a new thread.
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    Agreed. @Nikhil N -- please keep the discussion in your existing thread(s).

    And it would be good if you replied to my comments (in one of your threads) about the industry standard EN 61000-4-6 Common Mode Noise test for data cables. There is no need to "reinvent the wheel" for this test.
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